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FLANCCI LED Light Blocking Sticker

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  • 2 Sheets Per Pack - Includes Two Sheets, One cutout the same as the picture and one uncut that you can cut as you want.
  • Cover Annoying Lights - These dimming Stickers will dim 50% ~ 80% of the LED lights and any electronic products and help you sleep quickly and deeply.
  • Easy to Use - Peel it and it will Stick anywhere you want. Each sticker dim about 50%, for more dimming, you can double stick the light.
  • Sticky Enough - It can Stick anywhere you want and it will not peel off until you want to take it off. For more dimming you can tack two or three stickers on top of each other.
  • Work for anything - You can use it to cover or dimming the LED lights on alarm clocks, routers, controllers, or any electronic devices.